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 Matthew 13:44-52 


Planning Council Meeting Minutes

Condensed from Jan Perez’s minutes

June 9, 2014

  • Lutheran Mission Society picked up 49 bags of clothing and donations.
  • Square foot garden is boxed in and ready for student planting.
  • Thrivent Retirement Class held on 11 June 2014.
  • Thrivent will provide donuts for “Coffee Hour” on a Sunday morning to be determined.
  • New picture of church taken for shelf-sitter project.
  • At this point, we have no one to head up Youth Board. Solutions discussed.
  • Pastor and family will be on vacation from June 12 until July 10.
  • Additional helpers needed for VBS starting 7 July.
  • Community outreach through Facebook page discussed.
  • Chico Perez will assist on Church Properties Committee along with Ray Reichard and Mike Mallary.
  • Prayer shawl ministry discussed.
Ladies' Auxiliary Meeting

By Jean McHenry

The first meeting of the auxiliary in the fall season will begin on Monday, 25 August, at 7 pm in the church basement. If you have been thinking about join-ing the Ladies’ Auxiliary this is a great time to start. Meetings (except for the September meeting) take place on the first Monday of each month at 7pm. We would really like to extend an invitation to all our ladies to join and become active members.

Altar Flowers

By Jean McHenry


6: Janice Perez, birthday; Mike Petersen, 70th birthday

13: Shenal family, in memory of Sandy Shenal

20: Bev & Buford Hansberger, 60th annivesary; Chico Perez, birthday

27: Barbara Girgash, birthday



10: Donna Donaldson, wedding anniversary

17: Robert Mencik, birthday




Christian Assistance Program (CAP)

By Jean McHenry

During July, we are emphasizing collection of canned meats (tuna, chicken, etc.) For August we will be concentrating on collecting canned pork and beans.

Dan Donovan and Amy Gantt of CAP advise CAP volunteers of the following:

“Effective June 3rd, the CAP Food Pantry temporarily increased the value of the clients’ monthly Weis voucher using funds provided by a $24,000 Community Services Grant from Anne Arundel County. In our first week, Food Pantry volunteers gave out 59 vouchers worth a total of $2013.00!

We were awarded this grant to allow clients to purchase healthier, less processed foods, with a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables. The temporary voucher combines the regular CAP-funded $7 voucher redeemable for bread, milk, juice and eggs with additional “grant” dollars towards the purchase of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Using the existing agreement in place with Weis Markets, the temporary vouchers are initially in the amount of $27, $37, or $47, depending on household size. The values may change based on an anticipated surge in clients over the next few months. All funds must be spent by 31 December 2014 after which we will revert to the $7 voucher.

Unsolicited comments from clients reveal what a blessing this is for some of the neediest households in our community. Expressions of surprise, joy and thankfulness were repeated throughout the first two days. One woman was literally in tears at the thought of purchasing fresh salad fixings and summer produce for her family, and a senior asked in an amazed voice if she could really use the voucher for bananas and apples.

Our ability to offer this expanded service is due to the efforts of each of you who contribute your time, energy and resources to the CAP mission. Our clients recognize the support you provide them and continue to express their apprecia-tion. Nearly 100% of households we serve are below the poverty level. CAP clients are the most vulnerable segment of our area's population. The Community Services Grant is an acknowledgment of CAP’s contribution to supporting the neediest households in our area. You have all earned a well-deserved thank  you.”


The page is updated regularly with information, articles, and fun Lutheran videos. We can be found here.

Community Service - Helping Hands

By Kathy Reichard

Do you have a business that you would like to promote? - Business cards $10.00 per month.

Do you have something you'd like to sell? - Each item listed $5.00

Advertise in our Helping Hands flyers. Flyers run for two months at a time.

Call Mike Mrozek 410-768-9083 or Kathy Reichard 410-674-8479.


Church Email

By Jean McHenry

The Planning Council gave the following guidelines regarding e-mail sent from the church. We will only send out group e-mails using the church e-mail system for direct church-related functions such as:

  • Prayer requests and updates
  • Information on church fund-raising events
  • Notification of member’s deaths and funeral arrangements
  • Reminders of changes in or special church services
  • CAP/Thrivent/Augsburg and other Christian requests for help

All other items, such as family events or community events outside of church should be put on our Facebook page through contact with JB Jaeger or Noah Hayward. If you are in doubt about whether to use email or Facebook, please contact JB or Noah first or send an email here.

If you would like to receive prayer requests, newsletters and notices from church via e-mail please submit your e-mail address to the church office or send a blank email to

Church Newsletter

By Jean McHenry

The next issue of Gospeltality will be in the September time frame. Have a great summer!

Ride to Church & Elderly/Needy Repair List

by Ron Sams

The Board of Elders is formalizing a list of people who need rides to church for services.  They are also establishing an Elderly/Needy list of needs for around the home.  The Elders will monitor these lists and attempts to find ways to satisfy each need. If you need a ride or repair, contact the church office at 410–672–3352 or Contact Head Elder Noah Hayward with any questions at 443-831-4900 or

Adopt a Flower Bed

By Ray Reichard

Ever thought of adopting a flower bed ? We have 3 families that have, and there are a couple still available, for weeding and or pruning. Please call Ray Reichard 410- 674-8479

Prayer Shawl Ministry

By Kathy Reichard

We would like to start this ministry at First Lutheran. The knitted or crocheted shawl is offered with our prayers to a troubled or sick person. If you are interested please contact Dana Toon  410-987-2431 or Kathy Reichard 410-674-8479. We will pro-vide instructions on completing a shawl. Donations of yarn would also be appreciated.

Church Choir

By Alan Potter, Choir Director

After a post Easter fade out of activity, we are planning for a robust Fall schedule. I think you will all agree that our musical offering at Palm Sunday and Easter were blessed from above (as we always are). In order to continue this musical worship, we need more warm bodies willing to share their vocal utterances. We are increasingly having to not scheduleor cancel at service times due to lack of singers attending. Things like ill-ness and travel limit our ability to offer our anthems in worship. This is why we need a larger congregational participation in your choir. Please consider spending that little extra time with us on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings beginning again in September.

And here is the real news. I was told that the choir room is now air conditioned. This will greatly enhance our comfort in those extremely warm months as we ready new anthems to offer. Again, please consider joining us, no prior training necessary.

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